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Have you heard about "FAKE BRACES"? 

Do you all know that there are many risks associated with wearing "FAKE BRACES", including:

  • The equipment is not sterilized
  • The equipment contains lead, which is harmful to health
  • The equipment is made of easily rusted iron
  • The effect of the glue causing tooth erosion
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Loose teeth and detachment from the gum socket
  • Dental diseases (caries and gum disease)
  • Nerves and blood vessels in the teeth will die

Let's dive into it to learn more about this.

The Hidden Dangers of "Fake Braces": An Expert Warning

In recent years, the trend of "Fake Braces" has emerged as a fashion statement among teenagers and young adults, seeking the aesthetic of orthodontic work without the cost or commitment. However, this trend carries significant health risks that are often overlooked. This article aims to shed light on the dangers of fake braces and underscore the importance of professional orthodontic care.

The Risks of Non-Sterilized and Toxic Materials

Non-Sterilization Hazards

One of the primary concerns with fake braces is the lack of sterilization. Orthodontic procedures require a high level of hygiene and sterilization to prevent infections. Fake braces, often acquired through unregulated sources, bypass these critical safety standards, exposing wearers to potential oral infections and diseases.

Lead Contamination

Alarmingly, fake braces have been found to contain lead, a toxic substance harmful to human health. Lead exposure can lead to a plethora of health issues, including brain damage and other serious conditions. The presence of lead in these accessories underscores the danger they pose to unsuspecting individuals.

Rust-Prone Materials

Moreover, the inferior quality of materials used in fake braces, such as easily rusted iron, can cause further harm. Rust not only compromises the integrity of the brace but can also introduce tetanus bacteria into the body, posing a significant health risk.

Adverse Effects on Dental Health

Tooth Erosion and Ulcers

The adhesive used in fake braces can lead to tooth erosion, weakening the tooth's structure and increasing the risk of decay and sensitivity. Additionally, the poor fit and harsh materials can cause mouth ulcers, leading to discomfort and potential infections.

Tooth Mobility and Loss

The improper installation of fake braces can exert undue pressure on the teeth, leading to mobility and even tooth loss. This not only affects oral health but can also have long-term consequences on one's dental alignment and overall appearance.

Dental Diseases

Fake braces contribute to the development of caries and gum disease by creating niches for bacteria to thrive. These conditions can lead to more serious dental issues if left untreated, including the death of nerves and blood vessels in the teeth.

The Safe Alternative: Professional Orthodontic Care

Choosing to install fake braces is a gamble with one's health. It is crucial to seek professional orthodontic care from licensed dentists or orthodontists. Not only does this ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, but it also guarantees that any potential risks are professionally managed.

Our clinic V-Smile Dental Gelang Patah | Johor offers authentic braces installation services, providing a safe and reliable alternative to fake braces. We adhere to strict sterilization protocols and use high-quality materials to ensure the best care for our patients.

While the allure of fake braces might be tempting for some, the risks they pose are too significant to ignore. We encourage everyone to prioritize their health and consult with professional orthodontists for any orthodontic needs. For more information on braces or to inquire about pricing, feel free to contact us.